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Serena Gray Pendant Light

Another marvellous extension of Serena White Rattan Pendant light, this light is comparatively detailed and much more carved than the latter. Proving itself to be a great focal home décor element, this lighting is bound to grab the attention of your guests and the visitors. As published in the travel and interior design magazines, this rattan light is an ongoing trend that will never fade away – hence, it’s sophisticated and timeless.

Made with sustainable wicker and rattan, the product is eco-friendly and helps you save the planet! A product of eclecticism, this rattan pendant lighting can be used for Bohemian styled homes, Coastal décor, Scandinavian and Nordic living, Classic Mid-Century Modern, Rustic and Farmhouse! You name and you can have it! In your homes, you could use these pendant lights mainly in the kitchen (over the island countertop) and living rooms – whichever requires a tinge of glamour!

This product has been highly admired by hoteliers and hospitality designers as well. Whether it is a tropical resort or a luxury hotel – the dashing serena pendant lights will definitely spark joy. Regardless of the design style and colour palette, this piece of lighting could be used absolutely anywhere due to the timeless and neutral colours used. Whether it’s a heavy, bold backdrop or a neutral and airy aura, these lights would absolutely brighten the space.
Setting a perfect example of a focal point in space – this light is bound to turn the heads of your guests. The amazing herringbone patterns on the surface of the shade give a perfect detailing to the light shade – hence, depicting the intricacy in work. To further enjoy the most of its beauty, you could pair it with neutral paints and charcoal or black accents with gold tints to create a cohesive space.